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About Gyro


Gyro was founded in 1912 in Cleveland, Ohio at a time when social and service clubs were proliferating in Canada and the U.S. The Gyro “fraternity of friendship� expanded rapidly during the early decades. At this time, there are some 110 clubs, comprising about 4,000 members spread equally through the U.S. and Canada. Our district consists of about 930 members in 26 clubs, stretching from Vancouver Washington to Kitimat, B.C.


Gyro promotes friendship through organized social activities, and to a lesser extent, involvement in community events. Gyro does not place obligations upon its members, other than those which they voluntarily choose to undertake. Gyros tend to be busy people, with interests in many areas. By nature, Gyro attempts to be the oasis at which members can relax, enjoy each other’s company, and participate in a low-key, non-pressured setting.

Club Activities

Clubs enjoy an active social program throughout the year. Regular meetings are held the first Tuesday and third Thursday each month at members homes. Our meetings focus around a healthy dinner where business is kept to a minimum.

Many of our activities are family oriented with wives, significant others, and children being an important part of Gyro life.

The ladies are included at various social events throughout the year. These include mixed dinners, casino nights, barbecues, as well as the annual installation dinner and dance.

Community Involvement

Historically some Gyro Clubs have been involved in community projects, and some clubs do not have any community involvement. The Olympia Club is a pure friendship club, and does not participate in community activities.

Gyro Governance

Gyro tends to be a loosely governed organization. Governance is largely decentralized with emphasis focused at the Club level.

The International office is located in Painesville, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. International officers are elected each year, and have broad responsibility. The International office is responsible for communication through the magazine “The Gyroscope,� and periodic bulletins, co-coordinating membership information, arranging district and club visitations by International officers, and co-coordinating the annual interim meeting.

Regional governance is provided at the District level. District officers remain in close liaison with member clubs. Semi-annual meetings provide format and informal opportunities for club officers to share experiences and discuss common problems.

Individual clubs are governed by a Board of Directors and Officers which function on a committee basis.

Working up-stream, club presidents comprise a district council; District Governors in turn are members of the International Board of Governors, along with the six International officers.